Peet Community DAO Rules

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What is a DAO ?

DAO stands for a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. At Peet that’s exactly what we are trying to create. A community-led Blockchain DAO in the world of crypto! We are gathering all like minded Peetsters to make big decisions and run the project without a big boss telling us what to do.

Everyone gets a say, and vote on key decision making information and we use super high-tech blockchain magic to make sure it’s all fair and transparent. It’s like being part of a secret club where YOU get to be the hero, calling the shots and shaping the future of Peet.

So, if you’re ready to level up and be part of something awesome, come join our DAO adventure!

Minimum Requirements: 2Million $Peet held in a Solana Private Wallet

Rules of the $Peet Community DAO.

1. Please avoid oversharing DAO discussions or voting ideas until they’ve been reviewed and approved by the governance group. This ensures sensitive and pre-mature information stays private until decisions are made, preserving the integrity of our governance process.
**What we discuss in DAO group, stays in DAO group until we all agree to announce it.

2. As a valued member of our DAO, you hold a significant stake in our collective success. Should you choose to take profits, then do so thoughtfully and responsibly, consider the potential impact on the token price and the broader community.
**Do not dump everything in one transaction. Take profit slowly, not to dump the price. Let’s ensure that any actions taken are aligned with our shared goals and values, fostering stability and sustainability for all token holders.

3. If you find yourself in a position where you wish to exit the DAO group and need to sell your tokens, we encourage you to communicate your intentions with the group. By doing so, we can work together to explore the most suitable approach to ensure a smooth transition without causing undue market volatility.
** Remember once your tokens are sold you will be automatically kicked from the DAO group so if your intentions are to dump on everyone else we will know who it was.

4. Maintain a culture of respect and professionalism in all interactions with fellow members. While disagreements may arise naturally, it’s essential to address them with maturity, tact, and constructive discussions.
** Let’s approach disagreements as opportunities for growth and learning, ensuring that every interaction contributes positively to our collective journey.

5. Participate actively in votes to shape the direction of our DAO. Your input and engagement are invaluable, as collective decision-making lies at the heart of our community’s success.
** By contributing your perspectives and insights, you play a vital role in steering our collective journey towards our shared goals and aspirations.

6. Be transparent with your actions related to the DAO. If you have any potential conflicts of interest, disclose them to the group. Let’s prioritize open communication and collaboration to mitigate any potential impact on the token price and maintain stability within our community.
** If you ever find yourself in a situation where there may be potential conflicts of interest, it’s crucial to disclose them to the group openly and honestly. By prioritizing transparency and accountability, we can uphold the trust and confidence of our community.

7. Collaborate with other members and share your expertise. The more we work together, the stronger our DAO becomes and in turn the more value we will generate for the Peet ecosystem.
** By pooling our collective knowledge and resources, we can drive innovation, foster growth, and create a real impact within the Peet community.

8. Provide constructive feedback and be open to receiving it with humility and an eagerness to learn. Embracing a culture of continuous improvement is vital for our collective growth and evolution of the community as a whole.
** Let’s foster an environment where feedback is valued, ideas are exchanged freely, and every Peet member is empowered to contribute to our ongoing development and success.

9. Encourage and support innovative ideas, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes and forward-thinking approaches are valued. Peet’s culture should encourage experimentation of ideas, bold approaches, and visions are pursued, inspiring us to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible.
** By embracing new ideas and pushing boundaries, our DAO can drive positive change and create a real value for all of the Peet community.

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